BIRN Offers Internship Opportunities to University of Prizren Students

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On April 24th, BIRN signed a cooperation agreement with the University of Prizren “Ukshin Hoti” in Kosovo on providing students with the opportunity to jumpstart their careers by embarking on professional internships at, the anti-corruption platform.

BIRN has also offered numerous internship opportunities to the students of University of Prishtina, helping to advance students’ professional careers. Dozens of law and journalism students were provided with opportunities to pursue professional experience at, with a focus on training students and helping them to produce in-depth analytical and investigative journalism on complex political, economic, and social themes.

Through the cooperation agreement, law students will particularly benefit from such practical experience, during which they will be exposed to BIRN Kosovo’s methods of professional reporting, established to foster change in society while upholding accuracy, fairness and balance.  

Since BIRN is engaged in court monitoring, which aims to reduce wrongdoings spotted within the judicial system, the students will be familiarized with the methods used to identify  irregularities. According to the University’s rector, interning at—as a bona fide source of objective, unbiased, and accurate information—provides an excellent opportunity for building the students’ personal and professional skills.

BIRN also strongly believes that these internships will equip students with the necessary skills to develop investigative, impartial, unbiased and publicly beneficial reporting in Kosovo. As BIRN is widely known for offering meaningful exposure to on-the-ground work experience, it plans to also provide students from other public universities across the country with similar internship opportunities, in order to expand students’ knowledge of the necessary skills to flourish in a diverse and multicultural work environment.