BIRN Marks International Fact-Checking Day with Various Foreign and Domestic Diplomats

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To celebrate International Fact-Checking day, BIRN was privileged to end the month of March by hosting a Kosovo diplomat and three foreign diplomats currently serving their missions in Kosovo.

On March 31st, two days before the international day celebrating fact-checkers, BIRN Kosovo hosted German Ambassador Angelika Viets, followed by the Kosovo Ambassador to Serbia, Valdet Sadiku. Following these sessions, BIRN warmly welcomed the Head of the EU’s Office in Kosovo and the EU Special Representative Nataliya Apostolova and the Italian Ambassador to Kosovo, Piero Cristoforo Sardi.


The guest speakers affirmed the notion—which BIRN continuously cultivates—that in the complex world we live in, facts do matter. The guests explicitly proclaimed the need for accurate and detailed evidence in journalism, politics, and everyday life.

BIRN, along with other organizations, was also congratulated for its continuous demonstrated commitment to the ethical principles of truthfulness, straightforwardness, transparency, and accountability.

Ambassador Viets openly spoke about the current state affairs and affirmed Kosovo’s considerable achievements and its collaborative relationship with the EU.

Ambassador Sadiku discussed with BIRN about the dialogue, reconciliation and the normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia. He applauded the well-articulated questions raised by BIRN’s staff, which he openly answered.

BIRN’s last guest speakers of the day, Ambassador Apostolova and Ambassador Sardi, were highly attentive and receptive towards BIRN’s questions throughout the session. Ambassador Apostolova and Ambassador Sardi presented their insights on the role of EU within the current state affairs, and both stressed the importance of Kosovo’s ties with the EU.

BIRN was honored to be visited by such important figures in Kosovo society. Each guest applauded BIRN Kosovo and Internews Kosova for taking part in the International Fact-Checking Network, IFCN, by the Poynter Institute. They agreed that the impartial and transparent verification of facts is a powerful instrument for accountable journalism.