Reporters Without Borders, BIRN Serbia Visit Media Houses

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Representatives of the Reporters Without Borders – Germany and BIRN Serbia visited the Adria Media Group publishing house as part of the Media Ownership Monitor project. 

During the visit, the participants discussed freedom of expression, competition and media ownership in Serbia.

Representatives of the German branch of Reporters Without Borders came to Serbia in order to learn about media scene in the country as part of the project they are implementing with BIRN Serbia.

Apart from Adria Media Group, representatives of the two organisations will visit various relevant media and journalists’ associations and talk with reporters and editors about the conditions in which media operate in Serbia.

The Media Ownership Monitor project is intended to reveal the trends towards concentration of media ownership, enabling the public to make more educated choices as media consumers. Ideally, greater awareness will result in regulatory countermeasures in the medium term.

BIRN Serbia will conduct the media ownership monitoring in Serbia using Reporters Without Borders’ methodology.

The results will be presented after the completion of the monitoring, which is planned for June 2017.