BIRN Macedonia Holds Debate on Human Rights

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The human rights situation in Macedonia was the topic of the fifth debate organized on May 28 by BIRN Macedonia in partnership with Center for Civil Communications in Skopje.

The debate was organized as part of the Project for Investigative Journalism and Cooperation between Media and Civil Society funded by the USAID programme for strengthening independent media in Macedonia.

About 20 NGO representatives and journalists talked about possibilities and ways to cooperate on human rights, which are a priority in Macedonian society.

NGO representatives highlighted the fact that the media are not as interested as they might be in some of the issues that non-governmental organizations are working on.

They suggested that NGOs and journalists should help each other more in promoting and developing important stories.

Journalists outlined some of the key topics that interest them and asked how best to develop these topics into media stories.

The debate was the fifth in a series of 10 organized as part of the project on investigative journalism and cooperation between media and civil society.

The subjects were selected at an earlier meeting between journalists and NGOs in mid-April.

Others include health, cultural policy, education and youth, human rights, EU integration, ethnic relations, environmental issues and marginalized groups.