BIRN Kosovo Launches Public Services Monitoring Project

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The BIRN Kosovo office has launched its latest project in monitoring Kosovo’s public services in order to promote transparency, accountability and make them more efficient. The project particularly focuses on municipal and district courts, health and education.

As part of this project, BIRN held a two day training on effective monitoring of public services. At the end of training, eight out of 18 participants were selected to carry out the monitoring of courts, education and the health system.

Successful candidates were picked from a number that applied to participate in the training programme.

The purpose of the training was to inform the candidates of the project substance, organisation, the monitoring system, collection methods and formats and possible challenges in implementing the project.

Training also covered issues related to monitoring each of the project’s key fields (healthcare, judiciary, and education) where candidates received lectures on the main issues and problems on each of these sectors and the indicators they’ll have to follow during the monitoring process.

The main trainer during the workshop was Ilir Hoxha while experts for the different fields were Betim Shala, lawyer; Xhafer Ahmeti, expert on education and Alban Selimi, journalist for health issues with the daily newspaper Lajm.

Participants in the training were:

Ibrahim Feimi, Leonard Ibrahimi, Arber Jashari, Isa Gacaferi, Rexhep Gashi, Shpat Kastrati, Avni Mehmeti, Jehona Ahmeti, Blerina Uka, Valdet Krasniqi, Faton Ademi, Valdrin Beka, Xhemil Klinaku, Betim Musliu, Bekim Saliu, Nexhat Xhokli, Fatmire Terdevci and Krenare Maloku.

During this project, BIRN will establish a network to monitor municipal courts as well as other institutions responsible for providing public services to citizens. This support will help ensure media and public oversight on the performance of public services in Kosovo.

This network will cover seven regions of Kosovo (Prishtina, Peja, Prizren, Gjakova, Ferizaj, Gjilan and Mitrovica) and will report back to the headquarters in Prishtina.

BIRN will use its “Life in Kosovo” show, the most watched current affairs programme in Kosovo, to broadcast the main conclusions of the monitoring results. The televised debates and investigative reports will aim to highlight the defects of the system but also the success stories in order to encourage civil servants and help build trust between citizens and institutions.

This project is supported by Rockefeller Brothers Fund.