BIRN BiH Supports Wartime Sexual Violence Victims

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BIRN BiH, along with several other non-governmental organization from across Bosnia and Herzegovina, has joined a network dedicated to helping victims of wartime sexual violence to testify before the courts.

Experts in the field of law and psychology from all over the country, in cooperation with the country’s witness support units, will provide free psychological and legal aid before, during, and after trials.

The network will be able to mobilise teams to meet the victim at home address or at whatever location suits them best.
“Testifying about wartime rape is difficult and hard, testifying about your own personal experience is even harder. With our efforts will be able to help and prepare witnesses who are willing to testify,” the Foundation of Local Democracy, which initiated the network, said in a statement.

The network is called Improving the Position of Women Victims of War in Bosnia and Herzegovina and is funded by Netherlands’ MATRA fund.

For more information about the network, contact +387 33 570 560 or any of its members.