BIRN Albania Launches Video against Self-Censorship

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The Balkan Investigative Reporting Network in Albania has released a two-minute video, seeking to raise awareness among the public, media professionals and decision-makers about widespread self-censorship in the media.

The animation, the work of Albanian multimedia artist Gentian Shkurti, is based on BIRN’s recent report “A Blind Eye on News: Self-Censorship in the Albanian Media”, which highlights the frequency, roots and causes of self-censorship. 

The report provides an overview of self-censorship in the Albanian media, based on interviews with media professionals.

This is the first survey of this phenomenon in Albania and the findings aim to raise awareness of the presence and influence of self-censorship on freedom of expression.

The video presents the key findings of the study in an easily digestible format to reach a wider audience.

During the short clip, the public is urged not “turn a blind eye on news” and support journalists and freedom of expression in Albania.

Production of the video was supported by the Swedish International Development Agency, SIDA.