Balkan Transitional Justice Launches

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The newly created Balkan Transitional Justice programme is launching its website as part of Balkan Insight today, March 1.

Balkan Insight’s Transitional Justice site provides news, analyses, interviews, and investigations on transitional justice issues in the Balkan region.

The aim of the programme is to stimulate a healthy public dialog and further the understanding of transitional justice issues by providing timely, balanced and impartial information.

The main journalistic interests of BTJ are in covering past human rights violations such as war crime trials, regional cooperation on criminal issues, the current situation of refugees and IDPS, progress regarding missing persons, and truth-seeking initiatives.

The articles are published on our website in English, Albanian, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, Montenegrin and Macedonian.

The programme is currently expanding its partnership network in order to disseminate its input and increase its impact. The programme’s radio production will start in May 2012.

We can also be found on our Facebook page, followed on Twitter and readers can subscribe to our newsletter on the homepage.

Created as a regional programme of BIRN HUB and supervised by BIRN’s regional director Gordana Igric, this project is funded by the European Commission and Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Balkan Transitional Justice team consist of six journalists placed in the regional capitals, three translators, and five proofreaders.

Members of the BTJ Journalistic Team are journalists Boris Pavelić from Croatia, Siniša-Jakov Marušić from Macedonia, Marija Ristić from Serbia, Milena Milošević from Montenegro, Denis Džidić from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Fatmir Aliu from Kosovo, translators Oto Oltvanji from Serbia, Emica Niami from Macedonia, and Belinda Vrapi from Albania and proofreaders Nadira Korić, Lidija Bakarić, Faton Osmani, and Tamara Chausidis.

The English editor of the programme is Andrea Doder, the managing editor is Ana Petruseva, it is managed by Anisa Suceska-Vekic and coordinated by Jessie Hronesova.

 You can explore the website here: