Milka Domanovic

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Regional Network Director BIRN

After working in different roles in BIRN from 2013, with some breaks, Milka assumed the role of Regional Director in December 2022.

Prior to that, from October 2021, Milka held the position of Head of Business and lead and oversaw development of both non-profit and for-profit projects, maintaining existing and establish new partnerships.

Milka also worked as a lead researcher designing and implementing one of BIRN’s major regional projects, pioneering engagement journalism in the Balkans. She was in charge of development of the Engaged Citizens Reporting tool, used by more than 50 media in the Southeast Europe.

In addition, Milka has a decade of experience in journalism and fact checking, having worked for the fact-checking portal Istinomer [Trutho-meter], the Center for Investigative Journalism of Serbia and Serbia’s public broadcaster. She previously worked as a journalist and translator for BIRN’s programme Balkan Transitional Justice, as well as a fixer for international media. She participated in the fellowship programme run by the International Factchecking Network, which she spent within the Pulitzer Prize-winning PolitiFact.

Milka was a Chevening scholar and completed an MSc in Marketing and Technology at Goldsmiths, University of London, which helped her improve her research and analytical skills, as well as discover new potential for successful media outreach.

Along with the native BCMS, she speaks English and has basic knowledge of French, Macedonian and German.