Nejra Mulaomerovic

Based in Sarajevo, Nejra is working closely with project coordinator teams, carrying out and assisting in the implementation of programmes across all of Balkan Investigative Reporting Network’s platforms.

Before joining BIRN, she worked in the Gallery 11/07/95 and the museum sector for five years, focusing on improving cultural development and programming within the projects on memorialisation, the culture of remembrance and promotion of human rights.

Nejra is a Humanity in Action Senior Fellow – a programme that explores issues of democracy, pluralism, human rights, and social justice and brings together international groups of college students and recent graduates to explore national histories of discrimination and resistance.

She graduated from the University of Sarajevo with a Bachelor of Arts in Comparative Literature. She is currently working on a master thesis in the same department.

Nejra speaks Bosnian, English and Italian.

Seid Hrncic

Seid joined BIRN in November 2019 after 11 years of working experience in the business sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Before BIRN Seid worked as a marketing manager, and later as a director of marketing and finance for RTV SLON in Tuzla. After ten years in private media, he went into the business sector and started to work as a marketing manager for Sarajevo brewery, where he worked since 2008. He graduated at the University of Tuzla, at the Faculty of Economics.

Minja Ranisavljevic

Based in Belgrade, Minja manages the output of BIRN’s social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and other relevant platforms.

Before joining BIRN, Minja worked for METRO TV News, Media Indonesia/Jakarta, Indonesia and at Lui & Frasca, P.C., as a Legal Assistant in Newton, MA, USA.

She is a recipient of the Haupt Scholarship, Jessica A Morten Scholarship, and Megan McAdams’ 2008 International Community Award, at Skidmore College in the United States.

Minja holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Skidmore College.

She speaks Serbian, English, French and some Indonesian, Spanish, and Russian.

Katerina Petrovska

Based in Belgrade, Katerina is working on strategies and ideas for BIRN’s social media team, including providing new and creative ideas to help attract more readers.

Before joining BIRN, Katerina volunteered at Share Foundation, worked on their newsletter, an was also part of its organisational team for the event “European Journalism in the Digital Age” in Perast.

Katerina graduated in business management from the University of Skopje, and digital marketing at the Faculty of Media and Communication (FMK) in Belgrade.

Currently, she is working on her masters in the creative industries field.

She speaks Serbian, Macedonian and English.

Ivana Nikolic

Ivana joined BIRN in 2020. Based in Belgrade, she is responsible for managing and coordinating all activities within the BIRN Investigative Resource Desk programme, including BIRN Summer School of Investigative Reporting.

Ivana first joined BIRN in 2014 as a Balkan Insight correspondent for Serbia. She also contributed to Balkan Insight’s Transitional Justice programme and was a coordinator for BIRN’s bi-weekly newspaper, Belgrade Insight. In recent years, she worked as a freelance journalist for various media outlets in Serbia, including BBC News in Serbian as well as several LGBT+ and popular science magazines in the country.

As a student, Ivana was awarded a European Commission scholarship for a student exchange programme at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. She also received grants from Serbia’s Ministry of Education on several occasions.

Ivana holds a BA degree in Journalism from the University of Belgrade’s Faculty of Political Sciences.

She is currently working on her master thesis about culture of remembrance at the same Faculty.

Ivana speaks Serbian and English, and has a basic knowledge of Spanish.

Nuhi Shala

Nuhi Shala joined BIRN in 2019 after 18 years of experience as an interpreter, administrative assistant and registrar with international missions in Kosovo.

Nuhi completed his postgraduate studies at the Department of Political Science in the Philosophy Faculty at the University of Prishtina. His hobbies are reading and sports, football and Formula One in particular, as well as domestic and international politics. Nuhi’s main motto is “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” as he is one of the most passionate fans of Liverpool FC on our staff.

Blendi Shaqiri

Blendi is currently a student at the Computer Science branch of Iliria College.

After his dreams of becoming a footballer faded, Blendi found another release for his creative side by exploring video editing. He currently works as a Cameraman and Junior Video Editor at BIRN.

Arita Suhodolli

Arita completed her Bachelor’s degree in Public Policy and Management with a sub-branch in International Relations at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT Kosovo).

She has worked for RIT Kosovo’s Library and Administration Departments, as well as in the marketing industry for ISO Standards certification companies. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Management at Universum College.

Vasko Magleshov

Vasko Magleshov is а journalist, anchor and TV host for more than 10 years.

He began his career at a National TV broadcaster Sitel, worked for a satellite channel TV 24 News, and continued his career as news-editor at TV21 and Makfax News Agency covering judiciary topics.

He is one of the authors of the Handbook for disinformation and critical thinking for non-formal education in the country, and also is member of Media Judicial Council. He has participated in a lot of professional trainings and workshops for independent media, media literacy, fact checking and investigative journalism.

He has been part from a group for analysis of the media coverage and media monitoring program. Magleshov was awarded by the mission of EU in North Macedonia for an investigative story.

Aida Ajanovic

Aida joined BIRN Hub in January 2020.

She is based in BIRN Hub’s Sarajevo office, and is responsible for planning, coordinating, and implementing the company’s project activities concerning its “Supporting Greater Media Independence in the Western Balkans” project.

Before joining BIRN, Aida was a Programme Manager at Westminster Foundation for Democracy, a British political organisation that provides expert support in the development of democratic institutions and the strengthening of parliamentary bodies, political parties, and civil society organisations.

For several years, she was a Head of Research and a coordinator of “Istinomjer”- the first Bosnian member of the International Fact-Checking Network. She also worked in the public sector, on projects concerning judicial reform in the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina and as director of the Sarajevo office of the international Legal-Consulting Company, IKRP Rokas & Partners.

Aida is a lawyer by profession, and graduated from the University of Sarajevo. Besides Bosnian, she is fluent in English.

Aida is also an activist raising awareness about autism and life with autism.