Aleksandra Vrbica

Based in Belgrade, Aleksandra joined BIRN in October 2023 as a Communications Manager. Her main responsibilities include developing and implementing communications strategies and work plans, designing promotional campaigns, and working closely with the programme departments, social media team and editorial team to ensure its content reaches target audiences.

Previously, Aleksandra worked as a journalist and a Social Media manager and has extensive experience in journalism, communications and Social Media.

For three years, she worked at the EU Info Centre in Belgrade as a Social Media Officer and was responsible for the EU Delegation’s SM accounts, amongst other things. During this period, she also gained valuable experience in project communications.

She has been awarded by the Serbian Public Relations Society and the 2020 EU Delegation to Serbia for the campaign “They Are Heroes”.

Aleksandra studied at the Faculty of Political Sciences, at the University of Belgrade. Her major was Journalism and Communications. Also, she has an MA degree in Social Policies. In addition to her formal education, she has attended various Social Media courses and seminars.

Along with her native Serbian, she speaks English.

Anisa Kurtanović

Anisa joined BIRN BIH in June 2023 as Finance Manager. She is based in BIRN BiH’s Sarajevo office. Her main responsibilities include regular financial analysis of project costs, financial reporting and a range of key administrative duties.

Previously she worked in the NGO sector and has extensive experience in finance and administration

She worked at the Institute for Youth Development KULT as a financial associate and was responsible for financial analysis, payments, financial reporting and administration.

Anisa studied economics at the University of Sarajevo. Her major was accounting and auditing. In addition to her formal education, she has attended various finance courses/seminars.

Along with hher native Bosnian, she speaks English.



Nino Bilajac

Nino joined BIRN Hub in 2022 as a journalist. He is based in BIRN Hub’s Sarajevo office providing support to regional operations. His main responsibilities include following political, social and other important events, especially corruption and crime at government institutions and public companies.

Previously, he worked in the media and NGO sector. He worked at the Center for Investigative Reporting, Face TV Sarajevo and N1 BiH as reporter, editor and producer and was responsible for researching, investigating and authoring complex investigative stories, covering financial misuse in public procurement and public funds. During this period, he also gained valuable experience in investigative reporting.


His awards include “Eco Journalist” 2022 – winner; European Union Award for Investigative Journalism in BiH 2021 – second prize; European Press Prize 2021 – selected in the top five; CEI SEEMO Award for Outstanding Merits in Investigative Journalism 2018 – winner;  Thompson Foundation – Finalist for the Young Journalist Award, 2017

University and Languages

Nino studied Communication and Journalism at the University of Sarajevo. His bachelor’s degree was in media and communication. In addition to his formal education, he attended various project, courses/seminars related to journalism and investigative reporting. Along with Bosnian, he speaks English.


Nermina Kuloglija-Zolj

Nermina Kuloglija-Zolj joined BIRN BiH in August 2019. For the last four years, she has been researching extremism, terrorism, genocide denial and corruption.

She published many investigative stories about far-right groups in Bosnia and the Western Balkans, following the activities of at least five far-right groups operating in Bosnia. Before joining BIRN BiH, Nermina was a journalist at the Center for Investigative Reporting in Sarajevo, where she started her career in 2017, first as an intern, then as a journalist, focusing on researching corruption and organized crime.


In 2021, she was given a special mention by the judges of the CEI SEEMO journalism awards for outstanding merits in investigative journalism. That same year, she was a finalist for the Kurt Schork Awards in International Journalism.

She holds a master’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from the Faculty of Political Sciences at the University of Sarajevo.



Minja Krsmanović

Minja joined BIRN BIH in January 2023 as Legal advisor.

She graduated with a Law degree at the University of Sarajevo. She had over 10 years of working experience before coming to BIRN BIH. In relation to her current position, she gained experience as a legal advisor in a law firm and a debt collection company.

She is based in BIRN BIH’s Sarajevo office – and when not there is traveling.

Enes Hodžić

Enes joined BIRN BiH in May 2022 as a journalist/investigator. He is based in BIRN BiH’s Sarajevo office providing support to various projects.

He works as an investigative journalist and specialist court monitor. Since joining the team, he has contributed to various investigative pieces related to far-right extremism. During the past year, he has done several researches into harmful foreign influences in the Balkans and cyber security, including the first report on cyber security threats in BiH, which BIRN BiH presented in cooperation with CSEC.

Some of his investigative pieces, which were high on the media radar, were: “Bosnian Entity Road Company Ignores Sanctions, Promotes Gazprom Petrol Stations” – “Detektor, BiH ranjiva na cyber napade zbog nedostatka ključnih dokumenata” – “Detektor and “Kako su dvije desničarske organizacije spriječile mirnu šetnju povodom Dana bijelih traka u Prijedoru”.

He authored the first Detektor Magazine episode on cyber security, “Građani i institucije i dalje bez zaštite od cyber napada”, and co-authored an episode of the TV Justice show about the online monetization of hatred flourishing in Bosnia and Serbia.

Apart from journalism, he has high interest in technology and (cyber)security.

Previous Experience

Previously, he worked in various media outlets in Bosnia and gained extensive experience in journalism and investigative work, administration, financial and operational work.

Since 2012, he worked at the media outlets, Radio Sarajevo and Federation Television as journalist and editor and was responsible for various projects and contents in those outlets.

He also worked as a project manager at VICOBA d.o.o., working on various media projects, including the Engaged Citizens Reporting project.

During this period, he also gained valuable experience in office management, project operations, field investigations, social media management and use of different digital tools needed for the jobs listed above.


 He received an award for continuous reporting and contribution to witnessing the truth about the genocide in Srebrenica at the “Nino Ćatić” Journalist Award event in 2020.

University and Languages

Enes studied communication science at the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Sarajevo. His major was in communication sciences, journalism, PR and marketing. In addition to formal education, he has attended various project related and journalism courses/seminars. Along with Bosnian he speaks English.


Amra Šeta

Amra Šeta joined BIRN BIH in June 2023 year as a financial officer. She is based in BIRN Sarajevo office, providing support to operations. Her main responsibilities include regular financial analysis of project costs and a range of key administrative duties.

Previously, Amra worked in the governmental and NGO sector and has extensive experience in administration, financial and operational work.

She worked at UK Charity Small Kindness (2002-2018), as Administrative and finance assistance (18 months) and as Country Coordinator (14 years). Holding the role of Country Coordinator, Amra was responsible for: preparing strategic plans for projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina, providing support to the General Director, donors and other offices (Serbia, Kosovo, Albania and Indonesia); coordination with government and nongovernment bodies, donors etc. Amra worked at SEE change Net as an Office Manager (2019-2020 year). During this period, she also gained valuable experience in office management and project operations.

In addition to the non-governmental sector, Amra has experience in the financial and administrative activities of profitable companies: International Health limited, where she was employed as an Expert associate for finance and analysis (16 months) and MD Racunovodstvo, as external associate (three years).

Amra studied at the School of Economics and Business at the University of Sarajevo. Her major was finance and accounting. In addition to her formal education, she has attended various finance-related courses.

Along with her native Bosnian, she speaks English.



Mirza Mokrović

Mirza joined BIRN BiH in 2022 as Video Editor.

He has been working in media production since 2011. Before starting at BIRN BiH, Mirza worked for PINK BH TV, Studio Moderna, and in the meantime graduated from the IT Academy. He also worked on several documentaries and participated in various projects as a freelancer.

Marija Vasilevska

Marija joined the BIRN team in September 2022 as a Project Manager for Business Development.

She is based in Skopje, North Macedonia, working on projects under the program Capacity Building and Strengthening of Independent Media. Marija also works on designing BIRN’s business development strategy including project scoping, business case development, project plan construction, resource definition and successful execution. She also plans and contributes towards the designing of projects.

Marija brings more than 15 years of working experience in the NGO sector, nationally, regionally and and internationally. Her extensive working experience includes coordination and projection of actions in the fields of media, education and human rights. She is passionate about developing projects and programmes that comprise innovative approaches, different stakeholders and digitalization focused on ensuring a long-term impact in society. Marija is also highly experienced in monitoring and evaluation and quality assurance in higher education.

Her previous working experience includes working as a Project Manager in Blink 42-21, as a Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist in a USAID-funded project and working in a production house in various positions, including being a journalist. She has also worked with UN Women, the Regional Cooperation Council, the European Students Union, and other international organisations, in different capacities.

Marija holds a Master’s in finance and financial Law and a Bachelor’s degree in law obtained from Justinian Primus – Skopje. Currently, she is a PhD student at University American College–Skopje, focusing her research on the quality of education in relation to macroeconomic development.