Apostolis Fotiadis

Apostolis co-operates with BIRN as an Investigations Editor.

In the past he has covered EU policy issues, including developments in population movement, security and defence, privacy and big data policies. In the past, he has cooperated with many international media outlets and organisations.

He has authored numerous reports, published two books on EU migration and border control policies, and has been a member of numerous cross-border investigations.

Indira Cular

Indira joined BIRN Hub in October 2023 as a Finance Officer. She is based in BIRN Hub’s Sarajevo office.

Her main responsibilities include providing support for financial and administrative tasks and duties for finance, operations and programme department.

She graduated at the University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Economics. Indira has over 15 years of experience in NGOs and media.

Ivana Pavlovic

Ivana joined BIRN in January 2024. Based in BIRN’s office in Belgrade, she is responsible for management, coordination and oversight of BIRN’s business operations, focusing on for-profit projects and activities implemented through BIRN Ltd, whose revenue feeds the charitable needs of BIRN Hub.

Previously, she worked at Business Info Group, publisher of the business news outlet Nova ekonomija, as deputy general manager. In recent years, she has been training students in economic journalism and companies in media relations.

She is coauthor of a guide in the Serbian language dedicated to business journalists.

Ivana spent two years at the Serbian NGO Center for Research, Transparency and Accountability, CRTA, where she held the position of journalist/editor on the factchecking portal Istinomer.

She was also web editor on Euractiv.rs co, branded partner of Brussels-based media network Euractiv.com.

She was also a journalist at the Belgrade-based business weekly magazine Ekonom:east, and journalist associate at VIP news, a newsletter in English targeted at diplomats, journalists, humanitarian workers and businesses.

She also has experience in e-learning and event management.

Ivana graduated from the Belgrade Faculty of Political Sciences’ department of journalism and communicology. She was awarded an MA in Economic analysis and Politics at the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade. She speaks English and some French.

Selma Asceric

Selma joined BIRN Hub in 2024. As Project and Development Manager, based in Sarajevo, she is responsible for leading and coordinating activities related to the initiation and smooth operation of the Reporting House project, gallery and exhibition space developed by BIRN Hub, and/or other projects.

Previously, she worked in the NGO sector and has extensive experience in international companies. As project lead and team coordinator she was responsible for delivering, planning, managing and monitoring projects. A Master of Laws, Selma is fluent in English.

Neil Arun

Neil joined BIRN in 2019 as an editor.

He edits the Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence, BIRN’s annual bursary for long-form journalism. He previously worked for the BBC News website’s world desk, and for flagship BBC radio and TV programmes.

He also spent two years in Iraq as an editor on media development programmes. His reporting from Iraq, the Balkans and the Caucasus has been published by the Financial Times Magazine, Vanity Fair, Monocle and BBC News. He graduated in English Literature from Cambridge University.

Svetoslav Todorov

Svetoslav Todorov joined BIRN Hub as a Balkan Insight’s Bulgaria correspondent in 2020, right before the onset of the pandemic and the beginning of the anti-government protest wave in Bulgaria.

The increase of disinformation in Bulgaria amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine and recurring ideological clashes in parliament are integral topics to his work. He is based in Sofia.

Todorov’s original background is in arts and culture writing, while also covering topics dealing with history, education and human rights.

In Bulgaria, he wrote and edited for the news website Dnevnik.bg (2010-2014), the business and politics weekly Capital (from 2014 onwards), independent magazine VIJ (from 2016 onwards), and has also contributed to international outlets such as Romanian fact-checking platform Veridica, the German newspaper Die Tageszeitung, and the Bulgarian branches of Granta magazine and Esquire.

Todorov has experience also as an art curator and speaker at events organised by the Sofia International Literature Festival, the Rhodope Documentary Film Festival and Romania’s Alternativa Sociale.

He graduated in Bulgarian Philology and Visual Culture from Sofia University’s Faculty of Slavic Studies. Alongside Bulgarian, he is fluent in English and French.

Igor Vujcic

Based in Belgrade, Igor started working for BIRN in 2020.

He has a diverse skill set in illustration, graphic design, animation and video production. With a background in design from high school and the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, Igor has honed his creative abilities to bring ideas to life through visual storytelling.

Balkan Insight’s biggest investigative and long-form stories have his visual signature. His style has formed Balkan Insight’s unique visual identity.

Igor prefers to illustrate investigative stories, as they are more personal and include a human factor, unlike global news stories.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Igor finds joy in family life as a dedicated father and husband. In his free time, he indulges in passions for custom keyboards, Studio Ghibli movies and music, adding depth and inspiration to his creative endeavours. With a blend of artistic talent and personal interests, Igor continues to explore new horizons and share his unique perspective with the world.

Danijela Pejatovic

Danijela joined BIRN Hub in December 2023 as a Social Media Manager.

She is based in BIRN Hub’s Belgrade office and is responsible for developing, quality control, and implementing program-related and overall BIRN visibility actions, using social media channels.

Danijela is an experienced Communications Specialist with a strong background in nonprofit and social organisations and foundations.

With over 14 years of experience, she is skilled in content writing, copywriting, social media management, digital marketing, and event management.

Thanks to various courses and education, along with experience, she has a high level of knowledge and experience of working on different digital tools, platforms and programs.

Previously, she mostly worked in the nonprofit sector in communication and digital marketing, and in social media positions. Some of her favourite experiences were at Foundation SOS Children’s Villages Serbia and Foundation Catalyst Balkans.

Danijela graduated in Journalism and Communications from the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade.

In addition to her formal education, she finished the Alternative Gender Studies Program at the Center for Gender Studies in Belgrade and attended various courses and education related to PR, marketing, communications and digital marketing.

Along with Serbian, she speaks English.

Katarina Baletic

Katarina joined BIRN Hub in December 2023 as a correspondent for Serbia. She is based in Belgrade and is responsible for daily news as well as in-depth stories and analysis.

Previously she worked in media in Serbia and has extensive experience reporting on the economy and politics.

From March 2021 to November 2023 she worked at the monthly magazine and portal Nova Ekonomija (New Economy), primarily reporting on economic topics, healthcare, gender issues and public spending. Before that, from 2016, she was working at Istinomer, a fact-checking media outlet founded by the Center for Research, Transparency and Accountability (CRTA).

She was part of the team the British Council awarded for one of the best article and video features in the regional “Young Journalists Competition”, and also awarded for the best media article “Drugačije od drugih“ (Different from others) by the Conference of Towns and Municipalities, for the best article on female entrepreneurs.

Katarina has a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Communication from the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade and is currently she is at the end of her Gender Master studies at the same faculty.

Along with her native Serbian, she speaks English.

Kerim Hodzic

Kerim joined Detektor (BIRN BiH) in 2023 as a Social Media Manager. He previously worked in Humanity in Action Bosnia and Herzegovina as a project officer.

His work is closely related to peacebuilding, non-formal education of youth and human rights of minorities in BiH. He was a member of BH Pride March, actively volunteers at ComPass071, a humanitarian organisation and daily centre for people on the move, and he takes part in Youth Movement Revolt as an alumni member. He expresses his creativity through street art murals and art-themed workshops that he does in local communities throughout the country.

Kerim is pursuing his Master’s degree in Marketing Management at the University of Sarajevo, School of Economics and Business, where he previously obtained his Bachelor’s degree. He speaks Bosnian, English, and German.