Robert Bierman Becomes New BIRN Board Member

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Robert Bierman, a senior executive with blue-chip New York media companies, joined BIRN this month as a new member of its board.

Bierman, who joined the board in January, has expertise in launch, transition, turnaround and growth strategies and has been, amongst other things, the General Manager of Washington Post Live, the Founder/Head of Bloomberg Link, and the Vice President of Live Media at the Fortune|Money Group.

“It was very important, and very difficult, for us to find a person that has strong understanding of both media and business, since it is strategic goal of BIRN to work on strengthening financial sustainability in the coming years,” said BIRN’s regional director, Gordana Igric.

“We are confident that with Robert Bierman as a member of our board, we will find innovative and efficient ways to achieve that,” she added.

Bierman said he was looking forward to helping BIRN to develop its work.

“During its 12-year history, BIRN has championed quality journalism, freedom of expression and public discourse in the Balkan region, under very challenging circumstances. I’m honored to join the board as we look toward the future, extending and sustaining the Network’s important work,” he said.

The other members of the BIRN board are Tim Judah, Per Byman, Wolfgang Petritsch, Steve Crawshaw, Stefan Lehne and Ana Petruseva.