Meet our Fellows: Aleksandra Bogdani

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Aleksandra Bogdani, 42, works as an editor at BIRN Albania. In the past she has been deputy editor-in-chief at Albanian daily newspapers MAPO and Shekulli. Aleksandra was a participant in BIRN’s Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence programme in 2012. Her investigation, Secrets and Lies: Victims of Albanian Communism Denied Closure, was about former political prisoners whose quest for truth and compensation has become entangled in Albania’s murky politics.

  • What was your fellowship story about? Why did you choose this as a subject for investigation? 

My fellowship story was about the former political prisoners of Albania’s dictatorship and their longtime struggle for truth and justice. I selected this topic because I wanted to tell their story and the consequences of Albania’s failure to deal with its past.

  • Why are long-form investigations important?

With so much news and information we consume at every moment, it is hard to see most of it as having a long-term value or impact. But some journalism really does last and I strongly believe that quality journalism and long-form investigations really matter.

  • Which story from the fellowship do you like best?

 I have read many great stories through the years, but I can now recall The Great Leap Rightward by Kostas Kalergis.

  • Why would you recommend that someone apply for the fellowship? 

The fellowship helped me to better understand what real journalism is and inspired me to pursue it. I would recommend it to my colleagues for the very same reasons.

BIRN and Erste Foundation is offering 10 fellowships for a 10-month professional development programme, culminating in the production of a compelling longform story.

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