BIRN Holds Training With Young Journalists on Research Bases and Fact-checking

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On March 10 and 11, BIRN held a training session with young journalists in the municipality of Gjilan on the bases of investigation and fact-checking principles.

On the first day, editor-in-chief of Kreshnik Gashi, spoke about the bases of reporting, the public profile that journalists should keep, how to develop contacts with sources of information, protection of sources and how to build trust.

Visar Prebreza, managing editor at, spoke on how to initiate research and how to secure information from open data platforms. He also talked about investigations into public procurement and techniques for detecting stories in this field.

Finally, on day one, Valdet Salihu, a producer at the TV programme KALLXO Pernime, gave insight into different production techniques, photographs and video footage.

The second day of the training involved practical activities in which the participants practiced using techniques for fact-checking and detecting fake news with scenarios sourced from statements and footage of public officials.

A total of 16 journalists participated in the training course, of whom 12 were women, including three participants from the Serb and Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian minority communities. The training was organised as part of the “Confidence Building Project” supported by UNMIK.