Life in Partesh

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Created as a municipality based on the Ahtisaari plan, Partesh is governed by the mayor Nenad Svetkovic, who has his office on an old oil pump in the village Pasjan, of this municipality. This pump, according to the debate “Life in the Municipality”, belongs to a resident that has helped mayor Svetkovic during the campaign.

The mayor admitted that the pump belongs to Jetvi Zoran, who is his friend. He hasn’t excluded the possibility that Zoran campaigned for him to be elected in the local 2009 elections in Partesh.

However, his acquaintance with this citizen, he said, is not the reason why the municipality is located in that facility.

“When I started, we were working in a facility in Partesh. Then the Ministry of Local Governance, minster at that time was Sadri Ferati, opened a tender where private residents present their buildings where the municipality can be based. The citizens have applied, and the ministry sent the commission”, said Svetkovic.

He said that the municipality didn’t have a more appropriate facility, and that the tender was run by the ministry, and not the municipality.

From this office, Svetkovic, has directed the plans for building a children’s park in the center of Partesh, a street around the church of this village, a football court and a new facility for the municipality and its house of culture. These are some of the successes that the new municipality boasts about. However, there are projects that are subject to complaints.

Partesh has built a facility in the village Pasjan that it intends to use as a hospital, however it hasn’t been open to citizens due to lack of medical equipment and staff.

The mayor of the municipality claims that the hospital, according to the Ahtisaari plan, is not a under the competence of the municipality but of the Ministry of Health. However, he adds, he has pushed forward to make the hospital functional, in talks with the prime minister and officials of foreign embassies in Kosovo.

Even though Partesh is very near the regional hospital of Gjilan, the mayor of Partesh says that this hospital in the new municipality is necessary because no Serbs are working in the hospital of Gjilan. Svetkovic pledges that the hospital will be open to the patients at the end of this year.

Meanwhile, officials of the opposition have expressed their complaints about the implementation of the project of repairing the riverbed in this municipality.