Kosovo Journalists Trained on Digital Rights Reporting

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On May 26–28, BIRN Kosovo held a National Training on Digital Rights Reporting for journalists in Brezovica. The three-day training program was designed to address rising concerns over digital rights and freedoms violations in Kosovo and in the Balkan region.

Photo: BIRN

The training brought together 14 journalists, of whom eight were women and one from the Serbian community. They received a comprehensive understanding of the issues at stake, helping them to identify and report on digital rights violations more effectively.

Special focus was put on topics including: Reporting Digital Rights in Kosovo and their impact on journalism; Digitalization and Protection of Privacy based on the Legislation of Kosovo; Violations in the Collection of Data in Kosovo; Data Protection of Children and other Marginalized Groups in the Era of Digitalization; Identifying and Collecting Digital Rights Violations in Kosovo; Reforms, Strategies and Challenges in the Process of Digitalization; Fact-Checking and Verification Techniques for Digital Rights Reporting; and Open-Source Investigations for Journalists.

Participants heard case studies on successful reporting on Digital Rights Violations and received guidance on how to develop their ideas for investigative stories.

“The topics covered during this training were great and enabled me to gain additional knowledge and provided new insights when it comes to digital rights, public information and privacy,” said one of the participants.

On completion of the training, journalists will have an opportunity to pitch their story ideas to BIRN. Selected journalists will receive on-the-job mentoring and financial support to research and apply their newly acquired skills to implement their ideas on cases involving breaches, content blocking, filtering, manipulations, and propaganda in the digital environment.

The training was delivered by Kreshnik Gashi, Visar Prebreza and Labinot Leposhtica. Guest speakers included Krenare Sogojeva Dermaku, Commissioner for Information and Privacy, and Lulezon Jagxhiu, Adviser to the Prime Minister for Digital Transformation Commission.

The training was organized as part of the “Reporting Digital Rights and Freedoms” project that is funded by the European Union.