Challenges to the Reintegration and Resocialization Process in Kosovo – II

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Within the framework of the project ‘Resilient Community Program’, BIRN Kosovo published its second report, developed to support and monitor implementation of the National P/CVE Strategy and Action.

Photo: BIRN

This report presents data collected from interviews with officials of the Ministry of the Interior, leaders of the Division for Integration and Socialization, managers of the Correctional Service, the Probation Service, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, representatives of the Police, the Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports.

Data was requested from local institutions in all the municipalities of Kosovo, and the data provided by the municipalities that responded positively to this request are reflected in this report.

The report also presents fact-checking data from the local level, including conversations with mayors and other officials.

The report’s findings were presented at a conference on May 10, which brought together 31 people, of whom 11 were women. The participants represented local and national level institutions, the prosecution, civil society organisations, the media and the international community in Kosovo.

The monitoring and drafting of the analysis were carried out under the Resilient Community program, which is run by a consortium consisting of BIRN, PEN and PIPS and led by ATRC. The program is supported by USAID and the embassy of the Netherlands through the GCERF program.

The program aims to strengthen local and national methods and mechanisms for resocialization and reintegration programs as well as the prevention and fight against violent extremism, by strengthening the coordination mechanisms used by government and non-government actors working on resocialization, reintegration and the prevention of violent extremism in Kosovo.

It aims also to empower government actors, practitioners and non-government actors working in these fields.

Part of this program also includes monitoring the relevant institutions’ activities in the field of P/CVE and R&R, as well as the implementation of the direct activities with the said institutions.