BIRN Kosovo Holds a Debate with Students at the Prishtina Basic Court

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On October 26, BIRN Kosovo, as part of the “Promoting Transparency in Kosovo’s Judicial System”, supported by USAID’s Justice System Strengthening Program, JSSP, organized a discussion at the Basic Court of Prishtina. The discussion, moderated by BIRN Kosovo’s Chief Editor Kreshnik Gashi, hosted judges and administrators, including the head of the Basic Court of Prishtina, Afërdita Bytyçi.

During the debate, the panelists were granted the opportunity to talk about public and student access to court archives for educational purposes. All panelists encouraged the students in the audience to attend cases at all levels of the court, as well as a wide variety of forums, so they can experience law in action.

The students, currently enrolled at the Faculty of Law at the University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina”, were briefed on the public right to attend court hearings.  Panelists emphasized that the students should attend court proceedings in order to truly experience the practical side of law, and thus become equipped with well-rounded arguments about statuses and legal patterns.

The discussion also touched visiting the court as an opportunity to learn about and better understand charges and legal processes, and can also help to stimulate ideas about their future legal career options. Students also had a chance to share their requests and ideas with the panelists.


BIRN Kosovo, under the “Increasing Transparecy in Kosovo’s Judicial System” Project, supported by USAID’s JSSP, will continue to conduct debates of similar nature in the coming months.