BIRN Newspaper Makes Inaugural Appearance at Belgrade Book Fair

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BIRN’s English-language newspaper Belgrade Insight has made its first appearance at the Belgrade Book Fair in the Serbian capital this week, joining the many other media outlets exhibiting as part of the event’s Media Market.

Belgrade Insight will host an array of famous faces, including local Serbian writers, artists and musicians, during its first appearance at the 3rd annual Media Expo, taking place in Hall 3 at the Belgrade Fair from October 25-29.

The opening day of the expo saw Belgrade-based artist Aleksandar Denic create a painting live at the newspaper’s exhibit, and author Ivan Tokin drop by for an interview, while the former director of the Nikola Tesla Museum, Vladimir Jelenkovic, will sit down for a chat on Thursday.

The five-day programme also includes a live discussion at 1pm on Saturday between BIRN editor Slobodan Georgiev and journalist Vladimir Kostic, whose recent investigation produced as part of the Balkan Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence that has raised new questions about the financing of political parties in Serbia, particularly those going to the ruling Progressive Party.

This will be followed by an acoustic performance by regional pop start Ida Prester.

On Sunday, the closing day of the fair, Belgrade Insight columnist Srdjan Garcevic will be on site to talk to visitors about the hidden side of the Serbian capital, a topic he regularly covers for the paper and on his personal blog, the Nutshell Times.

Belgrade Insight is a bi-weekly newspaper printed by BIRN featuring news, analysis and lifestyle stories about the Serbian capital.

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WEDNESDAY, 25 October:

Artist Aleksandar Denic will make a picture on the spot, at 13:00

Writer Ivan Tokin at 15:00

THURSDAY, 26 October: No programme planned

FRIDAY, 27 October:

Interview with former Director of Nikola Tesla Museum, Vladimir Jelenkovic at 15:00

SATURDAY, 28 October:

Slobodan Georgiev and Vladimir Kostic on Party Games: Hide and Seek with Election Cash at 13:00

Ida Prester performance at 15:00

SUNDAY, 29 October:

Srdjan Garcevic: Hidden Belgrade Promotion at 17:00