BIRN Holds Training in Digital Security and Surveillance Capitalism

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BIRN organized a four-day training in digital rights, “From Personal Security to Surveillance Capitalism”, for journalists, representatives from civil society organizations, CSOs, legal professionals and IT experts, in Herceg Novi, Montenegro.

The comprehensive programme encompassed three modules: personal digital security; reporting on surveillance capitalism; and digital activism with the goal of empowering participants to defend themselves against surveillance capitalism and understand power relations between the public and private sphere.

The first module explained the issues surrounding surveillance capitalism that impact our privacy and security and offered effective ways to combat it.

Domen Savic, from the NGO Državljan D (Citizen D), offered hands-on exercises that the participants can then replicate in their home environment. Participants learned how to harden their personal computers/mobile devices and how to avoid leaving too wide a digital trail online.

The second module focused on developing effective media reporting skills when tackling the issues of surveillance capitalism from a theoretical and practical point of view, focusing on case studies from the region. Participants learned how to investigate surveillance capitalism and worked in groups to decide on the topics they want to cover in their local environment.

During the third module, trainer and participants discussed digital policy development and the role of digital activists and campaigns.

The final sessions encouraged debate and networking, so that participants can develop relationships and ultimately benefit from these synergies to cover surveillance capitalism from a broad perspective.

The training was led by Citizen D, an NGO built whose foundational principle is the inclusive promotion of human and digital rights. Državljan D is highly experienced in providing digital security training for local and regional journalists as well as in giving insights into digital privacy and security issues: from state to corporate surveillance and secure data handling, to app and device usage.