Trust Slipping in Balkan Police, TV Show Says

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People are losing trust in the police in the Western Balkans, a special TV show broadcast by the regional television network N1 Info channel in cooperation with BIRN Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Kosovo concluded.

The TV show was based on research conducted within the framework of “Western Balkans Pulse for Police Integrity and Trust,” a project of which BIRN Serbia is part.

According to the research results, a majority of citizens think their police forces are corrupt. In their communications with BIRN Serbia, experts said people’s negative perception of the police was based on their everyday contact with police officers. Many people perceive them as uneducated, arrogant and inconsiderate.

Other factors in Serbia include a number of affairs and scandals that surfaced involving the Ministry of Interior. These include last year’s dismissal of five heads of police directorates with no explanation provided as to the reasons for this action.

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