Sigrid Rausing Trust to support BIRN in 2008

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Sigrid Rausing Trust has renewed its support to BIRN for 2008 with
two grants for the forthcoming 12-month period.

core funding for BIRN is aimed to support costs for a one-year
programme to strengthen BIRN’s network of journalists across the
Balkans and enable them to continue probing and analysing key issues
– as well as to support the development of democracy, good
governance and the rule of law in the region, as part of its advance
towards European integration.

an advancement grant, a one-off contribution for strategic
development, The Sigrid Rausing Trust will help to increase and
sustain BIRN’s editorial capacities.

two significant grants will also assist BIRN advance its capacities
to develop other network activities, with a view to achieving
sustainability in the medium term.