Online Media Association Formed

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A new online association, OMA, brings together 18 internet portals from all parts of Serbia, committed to the affirmation of the free, independent and professional work of online media and highest journalistic standards, the statement by OMA said.

OMA will work to develop and promote ethical standards of reporting on the internet as well as strengthening the role of online media in the democratization of society.

The first elected president of the board of the association, Predrag Blagojevic, is editor in chief of Juzne vesti. The new vice president is Tanja Maksić, from the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, BIRN Serbia.

The first activities of AOM will aim to improve ethical standards on the Internet, with a focus on copyright protection, helping people to understand the new legal regime that applies to online media and connect with relevant regional and international actors.

Founders of OMA include the websites,, Cenzolovka, CINS, IST Media, Istinomer, JugMedia, JUGpress, Juzne vesti, cricket, Media and Reform Center Nis, mingle, My Sad,, SOinfo, ŠumadijaPress and