New Website by BIRN Serbia

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BIRN Serbia invites you to visit our new web portal Mera Vlade at

Mera Vlade is the first online platform that provides clear, critical and unbiased insight into the progress of reforms and delivery of public policies, comparing them to the pledges made during the last election campaign.

This innovative watchdog tool enables people to evaluate to what extent, and in what way, the government has matched the promises that the parties of the ruling coalition made in the election campaign and at the beginning of their term in office. BIRN Serbia has collected various items of information from the spring 2012 campaign, including statements, programs, election platforms, the Prime Minister’s inaugural speech and the Coalition agreement.

In addition, Mera Vlade monitors the progress of reforms in five key areas that citizens have rated as most important for social development and quality of life: public finances; the economy; the fight against corruption; health; education.

Mera Vlade is intended for the use of all the citizens, but especially for voters, who are now gaining a user-friendly tool to monitor the government’s performance and accountability.

Within this portal, citizens, organizations, and both state and non-state institutions can also follow announcements about our own debates and other events organized within the project, which will review the government’s performance with a special emphasis on promised and implemented measures.

We invite you to contribute to the creation of a clear overview and objective picture of government activities by posting your comments and additional information related to project themes, either directly on the website or through BIRN Serbia.

For more information, contact Tanja Maksić, the project coordinator, at [email protected].