Life in Kosovo Discusses the Justice System

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This week’s episode debates Kosovo’s justice system.

How are the links within the justice chain functioning?

Where are the courts? Where is Kosovo’s prosecutor? How does politics affect this system? How independent is Kosovo’s judicial council? Why haven’t laws concerning the courts and prosecutor been implemented yet? When will Kosovo’s judges and prosecutors be re-appointed?

Host Betim Musliu has invited the following guests to discuss these issues:

Hilmi Zhitia, head prosecutor at the public prosecution office of Kosovo ;
Rexhep Haxhimusën, leader of the Supreme Court of Kosovo and former leader ;
of Kosovo’s judicial council ;
Nekibe Kelmendi, Minister of Justice ;
Kujtim Kerveshin, law expert ;

In the segment “Culture in Kosovo”, BIRN takes a look at the vintage car
exhibition held in the Mother Teresa Square in Prishtina, the 4th annual
cartoon exposition “EXPOART” in Prizren, and the Kosovo philharmonic
concert at the Kamerfest festival.

Life in Kosovo is a co-production between Kosovo Public Television,RTK,
and the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, BIRN.The show is broadcast
every Thursday, starting from 20:15.