Life in Kosovo debates the lack of heating

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Tonight Life in Kosovo discusses the heating problem in Prishtina.

Who is to blame for the lack of heating? Which are the biggest institutional and commercial debtors of Termokos? Why did the municipality of Prishtina, as a shareholder of this company, not ensure that heat would be provided for everyone at the start of the winter season? Why does Termokos remain without a board of directors?

To discuss these and other issues related to the heating problem in the capital, journalist Muhamet Hajrullahu has invited the following people:

Fëllanze Pula, Acting Deputy Chief Executive of Termokos
Bashkim Isufi, from the Ministry of Economy
Muhamet Gashi, Spokesman for the Municipality of Prishtina
Lavdim Hamidi, business reporter for the daily newspaper Zëri

After the debate, Life in Kosovo broadcasts an investigative report of journalist Petrit Çollaku, which shows
how the municipality of Prishtina paid 30 times too much for a fire engine.

Journalist Alban Selimi talks about the case of a patient who has sued the hospital in Peja.

At the end of the show, the Highlight of the Week comes from students of Sami Frashëri high school, who are playing music on Mother Teresa Square to raise money to pay for the the care of their sick friend.