Life in Kosovo Debates Anticorruption Measures

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This Thursday, Life in Kosovo will broadcast two debates, a debate regarding the activities undertaken by the Assembly of Kosovo in the fight against corruption, and another debate on the management of the University Clinical Centre of Kosovo.

What has the Assembly of Kosovo done in the fight against corruption? How powerful are the current laws to fight corruption? Where does the problem lie according to civil society? Who didn’t state their assets? Who will verify those declarations? Why have the declarations of assets for 2008 not been published?

To discuss these and other measures against corruption that have to be taken from the institutions of Kosovo, Artan Haracia will be joined by:

Ramadan Avdiu, from PDK
Ibrahim Makolli, member of parliament from AKR and a member of the committee for legislation and judicial
Naim Rustemi, independent member of parliament
Hasan Preteni, chairman of the Anti-corruption Agency of Kosovo
Ismet Kryeziu, from the NGO Kosova Democratic Institute,
Lorik Bajrami, from the NGO ÇOHU.

During the debate, BIRN will also broadcast a reportage on declaration of assets of senior members of the government.

In the second debate, Edona Musa will look at the problems of managing the University Clinical Centre of Kosovo, UCCK.

Has the decentralisation of this centre started? How will the health system be improved in the country with the allocated budget? Why have so few sackings and changes been made within UCCK? Was an appraisal made for four managers who were dismissed from the centre? Has a review on essential drugs been done?

To discuss these, the guests of Edona Musa will be:

Rrahim Krasniqi, deputy of the UCCK
Bajram Ajeti, member of the Independent Oversight Board of Kosovo
Islam Krasniqi, former manager of UCCK

During the debate, BIRN will broadcast a reportage from the researcher Faton Ademi who will present the serious conditions of the prosthetic service in the Main Family Medicine Centre in Mitrovica.


Life in Kosovo is a co-production between Kosovo Public Television, RTK and theBalkan Investigative Reporting Network, BIRN. It is broadcast every Thursday,starting at 20:20.