Justice Report Quoted in ICTJ report

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The International Center for Transitional Justice, ICTJ, published a report entitled “War Crimes Chamber in Bosnia and Herzegovina: From Hybrid to Domestic Court (2008)”, in which it refers to BIRN – Justice Report articles.

The Report pertains to the work of the War Crimes Chamber of the State Court in Sarajevo. You can read a detailed review at http://www.bim.ba/en/1/80/13959/.

ICTJ is an organization that helps countries determine responsibility for mass crimes and human rights violations in the past. The Center offers information on comparative practices, legal and political analysis, documentation and strategic research to institutions in pursuit of justice and truth, non-governmental organizations, governments and others. The Center has been active on the territory of the former Yugoslavia since 2002. It focuses on capacity building in the field of transitional justice.

BIRN – Justice Report is an agency that specializes in reporting trials conducted before the War Crimes Chamber of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as transitional justice issues and the general effort to confront the past in Bosnia and Herzegovina.