BIRN Training in Albania

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As a part of the project ‘Advancing Independent Investigative Journalism in Albania’ BIRN has organised a specialised training workshop on news gathering and international standards for a group of young journalists.

The two day workshop, started on Wednesday and , is led by Balkan Insight Editor in Chief, Gordana Igric, and Besar Likmeta, BIRN’s Albania Editor and is based on a curriculum developed by BIRN and available from our website.

Click here to view the training agenda

During the training session, the team will commission investigative reports from topics suggested by the journalists  and create investigative teams  to work on the report.

The project’s objectives are to improve the journalists’ skills in analytical reporting and provide them with the ability to produce high quality analytical and investigative reports on crucial issues.

BIRN’s aim is to do this a way that is practical and sustainable over time, making sure that these journalists have access to continued education, useful resources and the experience, advice and support of colleagues doing similar work in similar situations elsewhere. They will also have regular opportunities to work at this level and publish their reports.

The project hopes to foster enhanced co-operation with media outlets in the country, raise awareness through free republishing in general print, electronic and internet outlets, and to expand the reach and impact of local journalists’ reporting to both the wider region and internationally.