BIRN Serbia presented initial research results during the Election Night event in the Media Center

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The overall picture of the Serbia 2012 elections was one of disappointed citizens, tired of a long election campaign that offered only modest political change, BIRN Serbia monitoring has revealed. Initial results of the monitoring research were presented last night during the Election Night events organized by the Belgrade Media Center.

Monitoring is part of the BIRN Serbia project “Performance evaluation: steps towards political accountability”, which is supported by the National Endowment for Democracy.

The focus of the electoral monitoring activity was the messaging and main policy points of each of the political parties, as regards the top priorities of citizens – the economy, the fight against corruption, health care services, and education.

The economy, and in particularly new investment, employment policies and new agricultural policies were, by far, the primary focus of this campaign. Other topics were less visible during the campaign – corruption was mostly debated in relation to reducing party monopolies controlling state enterprises and funds, while health and education were only sporadically mentioned.

The political parties offered realistic policies regarding the top political issues, but failed to explain adequately how their reforms would be implemented during the next Government mandate, monitoring results show. BIRN Serbia will continue to monitor the politicians’ performance, to ensure that they fulfill their electoral promises.

A more detailed report will be released to the public after the first 100 days of the new government. The main goal of the report, and of the entire monitoring project, is to help tackle one of the most significant problems of political life – a lack of governmental/politicians’ accountability.

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