BIRN Serbia at the end of March in South Serbia

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On March 27- 29 BIRN Serbia will organize follow up training for journalists from Southern Serbia, as a part of the Minority media training and reporting project, supported by the British Embassy in Serbia.

Seven journalists from both Serbian and Albanian media outlets will participate in training and editorial workshop, focusing on reviewing accomplishments of previous session, held in January and articles produced as a result of it. Also, significant time will be devoted to basic training in covering economic issues, and discussing economic topics that will be covered through next phase of on the job training, which implies trainees work on an article and editor’s mentorship.

After the training session BIRN Serbia team will be heading to Vranje, where second supplement of “Novine Vranjske” will be produced as a result of journalism, editorial and lay out training organized in previous three months. First supplement of the most important print outlet southern of Belgrade was dealing with the economic situation and prospects of this region, offering answers to questions such as the future of former giants in textile and furniture industry, the position of the jobless in Vranje and the new business perspectives in term of development of small enterprises. 
Second supplement will be looking at the variety of issues that are common ground or points of differentiation for communities in Southern Serbia, how they perceive each other and what can be find behind the gloomy political scene. These supplements are part of the in house training that will be implemented in “Novine Vranjske” throughout the year. First results are already visible in contents and lay out.
“This is crucial help for us because now we understood where we made mistakes and realized how to solve it” said Vukasin Obradovic editor in chief of “Novine Vranjske”
During its visit to south BIRN Serbia will organize series of meetings as a part of preparations for the round table event, to be held in April.