BIRN featured in new Bosnia war crimes book

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BIRN’s work in the field of war crimes prosecutions and transitional justice in Bosnia and Herzegovina features several times in a new book by Sarajevo-based law professor and human rights activist Goran Simic.

The book, entitled War Crime Trials in BiH, is about the issues faced by people living in a post-conflict society.

“People in post-conflict societies are at a crossroads wondering how to overcome a past filled with war victims, torture, and criminals,” Simic writes in the book.

The author deals with reconciliation and forgiveness from different religious, political and psychological aspects, stating that hundreds if not thousands of war criminals are still walking freely among their victims who at the same time are trying to build normal lives.

Simic defines transitional justice concepts and gives a historical background to the war crimes committed in the 1990s. He also reflects on the work done so far by the institutions dealing with war crimes in the country, and concludes by identifying the issues that are standing in the way of peaceful coexistence.

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