BIRN at the screening of Justice in Action documentary

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The British Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina premiered Fiona Lloyd-Davies’ award-documentary Justice in Action, on Monday in Sarajevo.

The film features a group of six young students from Mulberry School for Girls in London who embarked on a journey to explore the turbulent history of BiH, the site of Europe’s worst genocide since the Second World War.
“I needed to prepare for victims of rape, victims of genocide, people who have lost their families, and I need to be able to deal with that emotionally,” stated Fatima, one of the girl students.
Their journey took them to Sarajevo and Srebrenica where they had an opportunity to see the sites of mass atrocities and speak to about what justice really means to those who want it most.
“When we talk about justice for victims or justice for survivors they are talking about what I call reckoning”, said Ed Vulliamy, a British-based reporter during the war in Bosnia, recalling an interview with the girls.
In The Hague they attended the trial to Radovan Karadzic, charged for genocide, and spoke to his defence counsel as well as the chief prosecutor Serge Brammertz, and the former BIRN BiH director and ICTY spokesperson Nerma Jelacic.
Justice in Action won Best International Documentary at the People’s Film Festival in New York.
Fiona Lloyd-Davies first went to BiH at the height of the war in July 1992. She continued to work there during and after the war for the BBC, Channel 4 and Al Jazeera English.