BIRN Celebrated the 200th Anniversary Issue of Belgrade Insight

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Over 150 guests joined BIRN in marking the 200th issue of Belgrade Insight at a commemorative party on top of the USCE Tower in Belgrade on Thursday, February 18th

BIRN founder and Regional Director Gordana Igrić welcomed partygoers with a speech that recalled Belgrade Insight’s challenges and successes over the last eight years.

“The timing for our own celebration could have been worse, but it does highlight just how remarkable it is to launch a newspaper in today’s chaotic media world and to reach a milestone like 200th issue we are now celebrating. It’s an achievement that has to be seen in the context of the political landscape in which we publish… Despite all this we have found a core group of devoted readers who are willing to struggle quite literally to find us. Week after week they seek out our newspaper even if it means coming to our office building to grab the latest copy” said Igric while welcoming the guests.

Throughout its history, Belgrade Insight has been an invaluable resource for readers seeking news and information about life in Belgrade.

Guests included diplomatic notables, journalists and prominent local tastemakers.  The Nada Pavlovic Band provided the entertainment.

The bi-weekly newspaper is a publication of the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) and focuses on news, culture and happenings in Belgrade.  First published in May 2008, then-editor Mark R. Pullen described Belgrade Insight as a “brave new English-language newspaper, destined to become a ‘must-read’… for opinion-makers, expatriates, and everyone else who has a need to know.”