Balkan Job Finder Offers More Posts in 2013

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BIRN’s online employment service now has more than 1,000 CVs in its talent pool.

The BalkanJobFinder website is full of CVs from highly-skilled professionals from across the Balkans. Jobs are offered all around the region and beyond. At the moment, there are active offers of new posts in the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Serbia and other countries. Jobs are also offered which allow experts to operate throughout the region without having to base themselves solely in one city. This service is also growing bigger each month and getting more efficient.

All these services can be accessed through the BalkanJobFinder website and its growing social network pages at Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Also, feel free to subscribe to its newsletter.

In a special New Year offer, for every purchase clients make in January, they will get another job post within the same value absolutely free. For further information, please contact the BalkanJobFinder Business Development Manager, Dina Jakovljevic, at [email protected].