Alumni Initiative Stories to be Launched

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The need for more intensive cooperation among ex-fellows has been recognized, as a result of which the alumni network was established. This network will take on two specific lines of activity: biannual meetings of editors and ex-fellows, and production of joint stories.

Within the alumni network, ex-fellows are encouraged to work together on jointly produced stories that will be promoted on and on the Fellowship website. Alumni fellows may pursue two types of stories: regional stories, which can be produced by teams of several people and tackle issues of importance to the Balkan region; individual stories written along the lines of the analytical pieces regularly published in Balkan Insight. The stories will be selected by the BIRN team according to the following criteria: regional relevance; feasibility; originality; journalistic approach.


BIRN will use its own resources and wide network of partner organizations to promote the alumni network and the stories produced within this initiative. Alumni stories will be offered to other media outlets across the region for republication.


So far, media outlets have proven highly responsive to stories produced as part of the Fellowship programme. Last year Fellowship stories were republished more than 150 times in the local media alone. BIRN is hoping to accomplish the same level of outreach with the alumni stories and a promotional campaign will be organised to help us meet that goal.