Nerma Jelacic Takes Part in an Expert Panel in the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina

BIRN BiH director, Nerma Jelacic, took part in an expert panel at a training session of young Bosnian lawyers in the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina on May 20.

Organised by the Criminal Defence Section, the conference gathered students of law from across the country and examined the role of the state court in trials for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Jelacic spoke about the need for open trials and the role of the media and civil society groups in the rule of law.

Other speakers were judges, prosecutors, defence lawyers and international experts on humanitarian law.

Nerma Jelacic Speeks at Budapest Conference

BIRN BiH director, Nerma Jelacic, was a speaker at an international conference in Budapest on May 17.

The conference, organized by the Hungarian Europe Society gathered Balkan and international experts to discuss social, political and security challenges in the region. Jelacic spoke about the media and war crimes committed in the former Yugoslavia in the early Nineties.

She warned that many journalists who spread ethnic hatred during the war remain active in the media field. She called on the international community to see that the democratisation of the media is completed before pulling out of development programmes in this sector.

Other speakers included Dr Erhard Busek, Special Coordinator of the Stability Pact for the South East Europe; Sonja Biserko, director of Helsinki Committee for Human Rights Serbia; Goran Svilanovic, members of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia; Reinhard Priebe of the European Commission Enlargement Directorate General; Fernardo Gentilini, Council of the European Union; and Matthew Rycroft, Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

OSF Will Support BIRN BiH Justice Project

BIRN BiH is pleased to announce that Open Society Fund in Sarajevo will support its ongoing Justice project.

The Open Society will sponsor BIRN’s project which aims to bring justice closer to the Bosnian citizens and international audiences with a donation of 50,000 euro. The money will be used for continued production of Justice Report, a specialised bi-lingual publication which follows trials at Sarajevo ‘s War Crimes Chamber and related justice issues.

The project also includes initiatives for improving understanding between the judiciary and civil society. BIRN’s Justice Dialogue and Justice for All projects are specially created to inform Bosnians throughout the country and living in exile about the country’s progress in dealing with the past.

Justice Report has recorded month-on-month increases in its readership since its launch.

The publication’s website, has had almost 200,000 visitors, most of them from
Bosnia and Herzegovina.

If you wish to subscribe to Justice Report or find out more about this service please contact BIRN BiH director Nerma Jelacic on