BIRN Albania Publishes Policy Brief on Data Processing for Journalists

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Balkan Investigative Reporting Network in Albania has published a new policy brief on the regulatory framework on privacy and data processing for journalists.


The brief, written by the legal expert Emirjon Marku, covers the rules and regulations on the processing of personal data for journalistic purpose and on cases of exemptions, as well as providing a primer on the EU’s General Data Protection Directive, which Albania is in the process of transposing.

The policy brief introduces journalists and editors to the legal framework and aims to arm them with the knowledge to navigate those cases when the right to privacy outweighs freedom of expression or vice-versa.

This document aims to remind journalists, editors and media directors of the boundaries of co-existence of these constitutional freedoms and rights in Albania – to help them to understand how to achieve the necessary balance between these constitutional rights whilst exercising their profession.

The brief aims to offer guidance on approaching principles of data protection legislation, including ethical considerations.

For an Albanian copy of the policy brief click here

For an English copy of the policy brief click here