BIRN Albania and SCiDEV Publish Study on Iranian Propaganda

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New report looks at Iranian propaganda in the Albanian language, in the context of Iran’s ‘information war’ with the West.

The Balkan Investigative Reporting Network in Albania, together with Science and Innovation for Development Center, SCiDEV, on July 14 published a report on Iranian propaganda in the Albanian language.

The report: “Media Analysis: Iran’s Propaganda in Albanian Language”, was authored by Blerjana Bino and Besar Likmeta and funded by the European Union.

This study of Iran’s public diplomacy in Albania through its state-sponsored media outlets is a crucial and relevant task, particularly as information warfare forms a key component of modern geopolitical strategy.

In the context of growing tensions between Albania and Iran, this investigation into Iran’s messaging is a critical step towards understanding its influence and intentions.

For a copy of the report in English click here.

For a copy of the report in Albanian click here.