The murder in Reshtan – Suhareka

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Justice in Kosovo broadcast a report on the tragedy of Kryeziu family in Reshtan – Suhareka. The report shed light on a tragic story whereby the wedding of Kujtim Kryeziu turned into a deep grief. The day after the wedding there was a brawl and people used woods, hammers, and knives between the family and friends, as reported by Justice in Kosovo.

Kujtim’s brother died of his wounds and the rest were injured.

The wedding sparked a massive brawl and Nuhi Kryeziu was bitterly disappointed with the way the events unfolded. His grief intensified further when he found out that on the morning of the wedding night his 32-year-old son had lost his life while five other people involved in the fight had been injured.

The blow involved Nuhi’s sons on one hand, and the groom as well as his nephew from Peçan together with brother of Nuhi (the uncle of the boys) on the other.

A frosty relationship had always been present within the Kryeziu family, but family members reporting on the events said that there was nothing malicious that could have led to the tragedy which followed suit.

Despite the relations they had, Nuhi had invited his brother as well as friends from Peçan village to attend the wedding. Neither side had responded to this invitation. However, friends from Peçan had decided to attend but they were guests of Jonuz Kryeziu – the brother of Nuhi.

On the wedding day, the Peçan guests parked their cars in front of the house of Nuhi Kryeziu. The house of Jounuz is close to Nuhi’s house and Nuhi’s family took this as a provocation – as they said that this had happened with a purpose to cause obstacles to the other guests attending the wedding.

Based on his version, Nuhi’s sons, Fitim and Mejdi were in their shop which is next to the house. “Izet Shala came with Fadil (Nuhi’s nephew). Fadil offended my sons. They started to fight,” he confessed.

“At that moment, there came the 75-year-old brother, Jonuz. He hit my son Blerim with a hammer and then he also hit in the head my now deceased son Burim” said Mr. Kryeziu while continuing with his story.

The only son that had not been involved in this issue was Kujtim Kryeziu. “I saw nothing. I was upstairs in my room. When I went out, everything was over…it’s very difficult for me,” he said.

Due to the wounds received from the hammer, Burim Kryeziu died seven days later on August 9.

Justice in Kosovo contacted the family of Jonuz Kryeziu. The latter, together with his sons said that they did not participate in the fight with their cousin.

The researcher of Justice in Kosovo attempted to find witnesses in order to hear their story as well. All parties involved mentioned a person who works in a car wash opposite Nuhi’s house.  The witness has not provided any details in relation to this issue.

“I was here, but I didn’t see anything because I was engaged in my work that I had to do for my business. I was focused on my work and therefore have not seen anything regarding what happened” he said.

On the other hand, Ervehe Gashi, who leads the investigations on this case, showed that this subject has been very voluminous, because there is the suspicion that the case involves a large number of people who have participated in this fight.

“As a result of this, four other prosecutors have been also assigned to this case” she said.

For the prosecution initially there was only one murder suspect – Fadil Shala from Peçani (Izet’s son).

In the meantime, the prosecution has expanded the investigations for three other persons who have been suspected to be implied on this case.

“After the examination of witnesses and the injured parties, the prosecution has concluded that there is reasonable suspicion that three other people were involved in the killing of the victim,” Mrs. Gashi concluded.

In addition, the prosecution has completed all inquiries regarding this case, but has not yet filed the indictment, since they are waiting for the autopsy.