Maintenance of Schools

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The National Institute of Public Health in Kosovo has claimed that the lack of maintenance in schools, especially the toilets, can be cause to many mini-epidemics that will hurt the children. While in the other hand, politicians keep promising the digitization of schools. 

To discus about this issue, Life in Kosovo invited: Nehat Mustafa, the vice minister of Education; Naim Ismaili, mayor of Shtime; Shaip Surdulli, mayor of Kamenicë; Pal Lekaj, mayor of Gjakovë; Petrit Popova Ministry of Finance official; and Agron Demi, executive director of GAP institution.

A number of schools in Kosovo are in a filthy and disastrous situation, more specifically the toilets. This is a cause of many mini-epidemics that children who attend these schools are exposed to. BIRN has recorded the situations of some schools during May and June when the classes were over. The situation on which these schools were found was catastrophic. Moreover, the new semester will start on September and there is still no action taken to fix these toilets. 

For instance, in elementary school “Mustafa Venhari” in Vushtrri the water pipes do not function properly, ceramics are outdated, the toilets are extremely dirty, and also smells really bad. There are also cases where the toilets are completely closed because of the lack of maintenance.