Investment Insecurities

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Bab Club is one of the most frequented clubs in Prishtina, but it is built in an occupied property.

This object which was privatized by Xhevat Sadriaj, who operates in the business of real estate and insurance in Swizerland, now is occupied from Rrustem Rukolli, owner of Bab Club.

This property is located infront of New Born Obelisque and beaneth Grand Hotel. Sadriaj’s property is now a business area owned by the company “R and Rukolli” that won more than 5 million euro bid from the municipality of Skenderaj and around 15 million euro from other public authorities.

Rukolli is also coordinator of the security team of the mayor of Skenderaj, Sami Lushtaku, which is detention for war crimes, from EULEX.

Sadriaj who is partial owner of the company COEB which bought the place in 2011 from Property Privatization Agency, has no access to his property.

Property Privatization Agency and Mr. Rukolli had a deal which gave right Mr.Rukolli to use this property till the moment that it is privatized. From the moment this property was privatized AKP informed the holder that the property was sold, said Mr. Ylli Kaloshi, spokesperson of AKP. From that moment we have no obligation toward investors to liberate the properties, he added.

If the investors have problems with the properties they can present the case to the court, says Kaloshi.

Sadriaj paid 147 thousand euro to buy this place. The whole history began at the platform of Grand that used to be public property.

The documents of AKP showed that the 3 places where Bab Club was build used to be property of the public enterprise Rilindja.

Sadriaj bought this property in 2011 through a bid with the cost of 147 thousand euro. After getting the papers that show him as the owner, he went to visit the place. There he realized that the place was being used from Rrustem Rukolli owner of “R and Rukolli.

According to Sadriaj, Rukolli offered him to buy the place with the same price but he refused. After this Rukolli told Sadriaj that he will have to deal with God. He also said that Rukolli refused to pay the rent for using the property for 2 years.  

“I told him that my Swiss partners doesn’t want to sell the property, thats why you have to pay the rent, but after this he didn’t answer the phone anymore”, said Sadriaj.

The lawyer of Rukolli Arianit Koci does not deny the possibility that Rukolli offered to buy the place from Sadrijaj.

“It’s possible; there is nothing bad in offering to buy the place. In fact with this offer he recognizes that the property belongs to Sadriaj” said Koci, juridical representative of Rrustem Rukolli.

Justice in Kosovo talked with Mr.Rukolli, but he recommended that for this case they should talk with his lawyer Mr.Arianit Koci.

Koci said that his client does not know which part of the place is owned by Sadriaj, that’s why he is waiting for a court decision.

According to the officials of AKP, Rukolli knew precisely where the borders of Rilindja were.

The biggest problem is that Sadriaj’s Swiss Partners started to feel insecure for their investments in Kosovo.

Justice in Kosovo also prepared a short report on legislative changes in Kosovo Chamber of Advocates. From December, 2013, every citizen that chooses a lawyer to protect him/her will know if the lawyer has a criminal background. The Kosovo Chamber of Advocates decided to publish all the disciplinary decisions for advocates/lawyers.

From  the moment that a citizen needs a lawyers, they can look in the Kosovo Chamber of Advocates if they want to find out if there is any open disciplinary file for that particular lawyer/advocate.