Domestic violence case addressed by BIRN is returned for retrial

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In July 2011, “Justice in Kosovo” TV Programme addressed the case of a woman mistreated, beaten and intimidated by her ex husband. The victim had sought assistance from the police and the prosecutor’s office, resulting in the detention of the suspect, but who was released after just two days.

BIRN addressed this case and the lack of professionalism and seriousness that cases of domestic violence get by the institutions, namely the police and prosecution. It was only following BIRN’s monitoring of the case and research highlighted in “Justice in Kosovo” TV programme that the court and the prosecutor’s office put serious efforts into it.

The hearings were surrounded by many irregularities, some including allegations against the prosecutor, Zejnije Kela, who allegedly committed several professional and ethical violations in this case. After BIRN’s appeal sent to the Disciplinary Office of Prosecution against Mrs. Kela, the authority undertook disciplinary measures, requesting the Kosovo Prosecution Council to temporarily suspend her as prosecutor.

The judgment was reissued by the judge one week later, when BIRN’s court monitor noticed that one of the charges had not been mentioned in that judgment, according to which the defendant was sentenced to seven months of imprisonment, and an 800 euro fine. His detention was continued until the judge issues a final judgment regarding the case.