BIRN Staff Trained in Google Analytics Management

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BIRN journalists, web team and project management staff attended a training in the use of Google Analytics on December 26 and 27 in Belgrade.

The training, organised by BIRN and the international non-profit organisation Internews, through their Balkan Media Assistance Programme, covered topics such as content analysis  with quantitative data, review of key metrics for websites, and improvements that can lead to audience expansion and revenue potential.

On the first day, trainer Fedja Kulenovic from Internews gave a presentation on how to create content strategies for a synergy of business and journalism.

Kulenovic showed the trainees basic Google Analytics measurements, including the number of users, new users, bounce rate, sessions, page views, sessions per user, pages per session and session duration.

Participants worked individually to review their websites, review key metrics, compare them to benchmarks, and then discussed the findings.

On the second day of the training, BIRN staff learned about numerous small improvements that can potentially help attract new audiences and generate more revenue.

Participants learned how the market evaluates platforms, and how to build a media kit using Analytics data.

The final presentation focused on creating dashboards and emailed reports, using Google Data Studio and Google Tag Manager.