BIRN Kosovo Trains Members of the Referral Mechanism in Hani i Elezit on Using Social Media

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On March 19, BIRN Kosovo held a one-day training as part of the activity for organizing days of support for members of the referral mechanism in the Municipality of Hani i Elezit.

Photo: BIRN Kosovo

The training session was specifically tailored to social media, and the participants of the referral mechanism were provided with comprehensive knowledge on the significance of social media. They were given a detailed rundown on how to create and manage profiles on different platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other relevant social media channels.

To ensure the safety and security of all participants, it was crucial to clarify their details such as passwords, public profiles, content sharing and posting, Facebook groups and friends, and social media security. This information, the group heard, will help to prevent any potential risks and ensure their privacy is protected.

A total of 12 participants, three of them women, gathered for this training which started with an introduction to the basics of social media and their usage worldwide and in the Kosovo context. The training was held by Granit Mavriqi, Editor of SocialMedia and Graphic Designer – Internews Kosova. Mavriqi presented his experience as an editor of social media, including many good lessons drawn from his experience of working with different groups of interest.

During the training session, the participants showed significant interest in discussing their experiences with social media platforms, particularly Facebook. They were particularly interested in learning more about social media security, such as how to protect their passwords and how to manage their connections on these platforms.

The informative presentation and subsequent discussions proved a valuable learning experience, enhancing the knowledge and awareness of participants in the topic. As a result, the group emerged from the session better informed and more knowledgeable about the subject.

This training was held as part of the “Resilient Community Programme” founded by GCERF – Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund.