BIRN Kosovo Holds Training for Municipal Assembly and Staff on Countering Extremism

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On March 19, BIRN Kosovo held a one-day training to present the strategic vision of Kosovo’s National Strategy for Preventing and Countering Terrorism to the Municipality of Kaçanik.

Photo: BIRN Kosovo

The training addressed Preventing Violent Extremism, P/VE, Rehabilitation and Reintegration, R&R, forms of extremism, and the strategic vision of the strategy on the local level, with an emphasis on the role of the Municipal Assembly and Municipal Staff in countering violent extremism and terrorism.

A total of 13 participants, five of them women, gathered for the training which started with an introduction to the objectives of the National Strategy for Preventing and Countering Terrorism 2023-2028.

The session focusing on countering religious and far-right extremism was presented by Kreshnik Gashi, member of the working group on drafting the National Strategy. Gashi presented his experience in contributing to the finalization of these documents and explained the objectives of the strategy.

During his presentation, the guest speaker, Mensur Hoti, Director of the Department for Public Safety in the Ministry of Interior, emphasized the crucial role of local authorities in meeting the objectives of the strategy. He highlighted the significance of preventing radicalism and violent extremism that may lead to terrorism and led a discussion on the current situation.

During the training session, participants expressed their interest and engagement when it came to discussing the involvement of minor municipalities like Kaçanik in issues related to P/VE, R&R, and other forms of extremism from the central level.

The presentation and subsequent discussions served to enhance their knowledge and awareness on this topic, resulting in a more informed group of individuals by the end of the session.

This training was held as part of the ‘Resilient Community Programme’ founded by GCERF.