BIRN Kosovo Holds Discussion with Multi-Ethnic Journalists

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BIRN Kosovo organised a discussion on April 11 in Gracanica, bringing together journalists from various ethnic communities in Kosovo – Albanian, Serb, Bosnian – with the aim of increasing cooperation between them.

During the discussion, speakers said that one of the main problems they face on a daily basis is the lack of knowledge of other communities’ languages.

The journalists also noted that they do not know each other in person, and said that this would improve their cooperation and eliminate any so-called “fear” of one another.

Petrit Çollaku from the Association of Professional Journalists of Kosovo (AGK) said that the situation in terms of cooperation is currently stagnant.

He suggested that Serb journalists should visit Pristina frequently, in order to get acquainted with the social and political problems of Kosovo.

This is the second consecutive year that this project has been organised by the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, supported by the European Union Office in Kosovo.