BIRN Journalist Takes Part in Huffpost Live Cast on Bosnia Protests

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Balkan Insight journalist Elvira Mujkic Jukic was one of five guests on a Huffpost Live cast about the Bosnian protests that was aired on March 5.

Mujkic Jukic spoke about what was needed Bosnia, emphasising the necessity of reforms that can be implemented in the immediate future.

“These reforms are in the economy, in making the environment easier for investments or starting a company and creating new jobs that could probably satisfy some of the demands of the protesters. If we put the focus on reforms of the constitution, that could take years, while there are many other things that can be done now,” she said.

Other speakers included Muhamed Sacirbey, former foreign minister and ambassador to the UN for Bosnia and Herzegovina , Aldin Arnautovic, activist and freelance journalist, Haris Alisic, new media analyst at Al Jazeera Media Network and Nadja Skaljic, senior fellow for Europe at the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs.

View the entire Huffpost Live cast: