BIRN Bosnia Reports on Crime, Corruption, Terrorism

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BIRN in Bosnia and Herzegovina has started monitoring the work of Bosnia’s judiciary in rule-of-law cases in addition to reporting on war crimes.

BIRN Bosnia and Herzegovina has started reporting on rule-of-law cases as the topic becomes a key issue for the country in the year in which it is planning to submit its European Union membership application.

BIRN’s new project focuses on providing the public with as much information as possible on Bosnia’s efforts to bring suspects to justice for the gravest crimes.

“Although organised crime, terrorism and corruption have been recognised as key challenges facing Bosnia and Herzegovina at present, there is no media dedicated exclusively to reporting on those issues, so we think this is a timely project that fulfills actual needs,” said Denis Dzidic, editor of BIRN in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The latest EU report on Bosnia and Herzegovina’s progress towards accession makes clear that corruption remains widespread in the country and that concrete work on processing corruption cases is almost non-existent.

It warns that it investigations into organised crime and terrorism cases must be sped up and improved.

Reports on organised crime, corruption and terrorism, as well as on war crimes and coming to terms with the past, will be soon published on a new media platform,