BIRN and Partners Hold Environmental Reporting Course in Montenegro

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A training course in investigative journalism for environmental topics was held on June 11-12 in Petrovac in Montenegro, aiming to strengthen the in-depth reporting of Montenegrin journalists on envronmental issues.

The event was also held to select journalists to receive research grants, supervision and mentoring from an editorial team from Montenegro and the wider region.

On the course’s agenda were topics such as online storytelling, work with sources and fact-checking, along with explanations of the Chapter 27 in the EU acquis, which covers environment policy. The course also addressed sustainable development and the challenges it poses for Montenegro.

On the second day, stories that were pitched through a call for proposals were presented and evaluated.

The training was organised by BIRN,CIN-CG and Monitor, as part of a project entitled ’Investigative Journalism on EnvironMEntal Issues, with Citizens’ Engagement’ supported by the EU Delegation in Montenegro.

After the investigations are complete, all stories will be published on the CIN-CG and BIRN websites, as well as in a special bilingual publication and e-book.