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BIRN Serbia Holds Training Course on Reporting Digital Rights

During the three-day course, the participants gained new knowledge and acquired skills to report on digital rights and issues related to the violation of freedoms in the online sphere in Serbia.

BIRN’s Sasa Dragojlo Receives Prestigious ’Dusan Bogavac’ Award

Created in memory of Yugoslav-era journalist Dusan Bogavac, the annual award is given in recognition of ethics and courage in journalism.

BIRN’s Sasa Dragojlo Wins ‘Dusan Bogavac’ Award for Ethics and Courage

Sasa Dragojlo, a BIRN journalist, won this year’s “Dusan Bogavac” Journalism Award for Ethics and Courage, which has been awarded by the Dusan Bogavac Foundation and the Independent Journalists’ Association of Serbia, IJAS, since 1991.

EU Awards for Best Investigative Journalism in Serbia Announced

On September 28, in the EU info centre in Belgrade, the winners of the EU Awards for Investigative Awards for Investigative Journalism in Serbia were announced.

BIRN Journalists Win EU Investigative Journalism Awards in Serbia

Jelena Zoric and Sasa Dragojlo won prestigious EU investigative reporting awards for their stories on clinical trials and arms exports respectively.

BIRN Serbia and IJAS Report: Journalists Feel Undefended From Online Attacks

Report says online abuse is becoming so ‘normalised’ that journalists often do not report it – or have any faith in institutional protection.

BIRN Serbia Holds Training on Illicit Financial Flows

BIRN Serbia organised a day-long training on investigating money laundering. The training, “Illicit Financial Flow and Money Laundering”, on June 22, in Belgrade, was designed to equip fellow journalists with the knowledge and practical tools required to detect and report on this type of crime.

BIRN Serbia Recognised for Journalistic Courage and Investigative Reporting

For only the second time since 2000, an entire newsroom – BIRN Serbia – has been awarded the prestigious Stanislav Stasa Marinkovic Award.

Belgrade Mayor’s Chief of Cabinet Sues BIRN for Defamation

Nenad Milanovic filed a defamation lawsuit against BIRN Serbia for publishing an investigation on his negotiations with Turkish company Kentkart – the fourth SLAPP lawsuit it received this year.

Meet the People Behind BIRN: Radmilo Marković

Each month, BIRN introduces you to a different member of its team. For May, meet Radmilo Marković, journalist at BIRN Serbia.

BIRN Serbia Journalist Radmilo Markovic Wins Investigative Award

Radmilo Markovic, investigative reporter with BIRN Serbia, was awarded the prestigious Dejan Anastasijevic Investigative Award in the online media category for his reporting on illegal constructions in Belgrade.

BIRN Serbia Awards Small Grants for Reporting on Artificial Intelligence and Surveillance

After BIRN Serbia trained ten journalists to report on the development and use of surveillance technology and artificial intelligence, AI, half of the participants have been provided with funding to work on stories on this topic.

BIRN Serbia Holds Training on Monitoring Local Govts’ Tender Spendings

BIRN Serbia held a training on monitoring local government spending through public tenders for 13 local journalists and civil society representatives from Nis, Leskovac, and Vranje.

Belgrade Mayor Files Defamation Lawsuits Against BIRN Serbia

Belgrade mayor Aleksandar Sapic is suing BIRN Serbia over two articles about properties he owns, seeking 100,000 euros in damages – a move that the media organisation says is an attempt to discourage public interest reporting.

Serbia Spends More on Often Untransparent Public Competitions, BIRN Serbia Reports

The Serbian state distributed 6.8 billions dinars, almost 58 million euros, on public competitions last year, a big rise on the year before and much of it spent in an untransparent way, according to a new BIRN Serbia report.

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